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Qtum Officially Launched in Indonesia's largest Digital Asset Exchange INDODAX Today

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Recently, Indonesia's leading digital asset exchange INDODAX announced the launch of the QTUM/IDR transaction pair. It is reported that the QTUM recharge channel will be opened at 12 noon on February 18th in the time of the Indo-China Peninsula (East Seven District), and the trading channel will be open at the same time the next day.
In 2018, the media predicted that only one cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia may soon have more registered users than the country's 106-year-old stock exchange.
INDODAX is the largest compliant digital asset exchange in Indonesia. “INDODAX” was launched in 2014 and is headquartered in Bali. It was formerly Bitcoin.co.id and currently has 1.14 million registered users who comply with KYC policies.
In contrast, Indonesia's national stock exchange has a total of 1.18 million registered users who trade stocks, futures, exchange-traded funds and listed company options for a total value of $520 billion. The latest data for 2018 shows that the total market value of Indonesian cryptocurrency is 355 billion US dollars, reaching an all-time high of 830 billion US dollars in January 2018.
INDODAX CEO said Oscar Darmawan said: “There are currently nearly 3,000 new users registering the INDODAX platform for digital asset transactions every day.”

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Tokenomy December Report

Tokenomy December Report
Dalam Bahasa Indonesia | 中文

Greetings to all of you in the Tokenomy Community!

Welcome back to Tokenomy’s Monthly Report Update! Every month, the team aims to keep you updated on the progress that we have made by filling you in on the highlights of upcoming developments and updates happening in Tokenomy.

Tokenomy Event Footprint of the Month:

Introduction to Blockchain and Digital Asset Roadshow

Roadshow in Medan
PassFM Jogjakarta Radio Show
The Tokenomy Team, along with our friends from Indodax, Lyfe, and Honest Mining, held a Roadshow in 7 Indonesian cities, where we got together and discussed Blockchain and its implementation with the community.
We also had the privilege of being on a radio show, Pass FM Jogjakarta, to share more on Tokenomy and Blockchain technology to a wider audience (read).

BlockBali Summit 2018

Tokenomy’s CEO, Christian Hsieh, speaking at the BlockBali Summit
The BlockBali Summit, Asia’s biggest Blockchain conference, connected global blockchain gurus and technology players with Indonesian government & business leaders. The event was attended by over 500 experts and corporate stakeholders from various countries. In his address, “Beyond Bitcoin — the Future of Token Economy”, Tokenomy’s CEO, Christian Hsieh, spoke at the Summit regarding the future outlook of the Token Economy and how different types of crypto projects can shape our world to function more efficiently in the future (read).

Tokenomy Highlights of the Month:

  1. Bitcoin Hard Fork + BCHABC and BCHSV now available on Tokenomy Exchange (read)
  2. Lyfe’s Token Sale — The Lyfe Token Sale recently concluded, where a total of 8,729,173,382 LYFE Tokens were sold! (read)
  3. HARA’s Token Pre-Sale concludes successfully — HARA exceeded the soft cap during the Token Pre-Sale by more than twice the anticipated volume, selling a total of 28,800,000 HART (read)
  4. Changes to Tokenomy Launchpad’s Affiliate Program (read)
  5. CyberMiles (CMT) trading resumes on Tokenomy Exchange (read)
  6. Delisting of Trading Pairs on Tokenomy Exchange (read)

Upcoming Events:

TokenMarket Presents: “An Introduction to Security Token Offerings”

We are excited to announce that TokenMarket, in collaboration with Tokenomy, will be holding our first ever meetup in Singapore! Join us for an evening of complimentary drinks, food and discussion around how the development of Security Tokens can help revolutionise the securities market as we know it. Tickets are limited, so sign up now!
For more information: http://bit.ly/2UoFJp7
About TokenMarket: TokenMarket provides a hub for ICO, STO sales and blockchain projects. TokenMarket is designed to make the world of digital asset creation simple and offer industry leading advice to clients. TokenMarket will soon be partnering with Tokenomy to expand its ventures in Asia. TokenMarket will work directly with Tokenomy on its ICO advisory service providing its insights and veteran token sale experience from advising on 30+ token sales.

XCard’s Token Sale

We are very excited to announce Tokenomy will soon be launching a new project on Tokenomy Launchpad! XCard’s Token Sale will commence on 17th December 2018, 3 PM (GMT+8). Click here to buy MBM!
Read more: http://bit.ly/2DYjNvu
More projects are coming soon on Tokenomy Launchpad! Stay tuned for more updates!

Indodax’s Community Coin Voting VI

In collaboration with Tokenomy, Indodax is holding a Community Coin Voting event, where attractive prizes will be up for grabs! Stand to win a holiday to South Korea & Bali, a brand-new Samsung S9, and TEN Tokens by voting for your favourite coin on Indodax!
For more information: http://bit.ly/2BQYf2p
About Indodax: Indodax (formerly known as Bitcoin.co.id), Tokenomy’s affiliated company in Indonesia, has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia, and has a shared login with Tokenomy Exchange. Indodax was founded by Tokenomy’s current Chief Technology Officer, William Sutanto, and our Chief Marketing Officer, Oscar Darmawan.

Hop on over to sign up at Tokenomy Exchange to start trading today and be a part of our active community!

Thank you, Tokenomy Team

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One Of Lyfe's Founder Is An Influential Cryptocurrency Figure

One of the founders of Lyfe is also the most influential cryptocurrency figure in Indonesia, his name is Oscar Darmawan.
Oscar is the founder of Indodax, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange (used to be known as PT BitCoin Indonesia/ bitcoin.co.id). Indodax, on the other hand, is the biggest digital asset marketplace in Southeast Asia, with more than 1.5 million active members and daily trading volume as high as 230 million USD. Also, in 2018, Oscar proceeded to found Tokenomy, one of the most successful ICO project in Southeast Asia. Tokenomy was founded by Oscar and DokterSehat first advisor & partner, Christian Hsieh, which turned to be the biggest Global Token Platform and the principal player in the tokenization economy.
For more information: https://lyfe.health
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Did You Know That One of Lyfe Wellness Founder Established Indodax

One of the founder of Lyfe is also the most influential cryptocurrency figure in Indonesia, Oscar Darmawan. He is the founder of Indodax, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange (used to be known as PT Bit Coin Indonesia/ bitcoin.co.id).
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About Oscar Darmawan, One Of The Founder Of Lyfe

Oscar Darmawan is one of the founders of Lyfe and is also the most influential cryptocurrency figure in Indonesia. He is the founder of Indodax, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange (used to be known as PT Bit Coin Indonesia/ bitcoin.co.id).
In 2018, Oscar went to found Tokenomy, one of the most successful ICO project in Southeast Asia. Tokenomy was founded by Oscar and DokterSehat first advisor & partner, Christian Hsieh, to be the biggest Global Token Platform and the principal player in the tokenisation economy.
Website: https://lyfe.health
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Datum MainNet Launch Announcement

Today we are excited to roll out Release Candidate 1.0 of the Datum Network, delivering on the initial vision outlined in our whitepaper from last year, and establishing a solid foundation to nurture our sprouting ecosystem.
At Datum we are passionate about helping people take back ownership over their data, and we’re building platforms and services that enable our vision. The base layer is formed by the Datum Network, a distributed data store that provides guarantees about who owns data, who can access data, who shared data and who bought or sold data. All of which is recorded on an immutable blockchain layer. So, how does this all work and who is it for?
Let’s say an application asks you for your email address, if the email is stored on the Datum Network the following assurances are created:
Developers Face Complexity From Emerging Data Privacy Regulations
Many countries are starting to introduce data privacy legislation that mandates the above points to be implemented, adhered to and demonstrably proven by developers and companies, but this is no easy task.
As a developer, if you are building an application, your first thought is probably to make it great with an experience and features that people will love, so data privacy and regulatory compliance is considered only in hindsight. With the Datum SDK, we’re providing developers with all the tools they need to adhere to out of the box and without having to build a complex custom implementation of your own.
As a developer you get:
Part of building a successful blockchain platform is offering support and developer tools that developers and businesses can rely on. As part of this release we are proud to release a wide range of additional modules:
Today’s Release
  1. The Datum Network, consisting of our distributed storage node network and an immutable Blockchain Layer
  2. Storage node staking for MainNet is officially open for registration (For registration within China, please use this form instead)
  3. A preliminary staking calculator is online and open for public discussion
  4. Datum’s 2018 roadmap has been revised and updated
Full Decentralization and the Roadmap Ahead
We consider the Mainnet launch a preview release candidate. The Datum Mainnet is ready to be used in production for non critical data storage and access. We are still working on improving a few key aspects over the coming weeks:
Over the past year we’ve received inquiries from businesses and project teams in all shapes and sizes across industry verticals. Select groups have expressed their intention in adopting the Datum SDK and/or supporting the Datum project through co-marketing partnerships as part of the MainNet launch. Thank you to all of our partners.
The team at Datum made it really easy to bring our concept to life and develop a proof of concept in just two weeks. We’re using Datum to stores individuals’ employment history securely via the Datum blockchain and data storage network. The support we get from Datum is solid in terms of problem solving and collaboration. — Michael Gerber, 360F CEO
Here at Aryia we are very excited to be collaborating with Datum and utilize their decentralized network of storage nodes to keep our customers’ data safe. This is a great opportunity to work with an established project in the field of data security on blockchain — Alex Delibas, Aryia Founder and CEO
Partnering with Datum makes perfect sense for AEX. Both organizations believe in safety, transparency and value creation for users based on participation in the crypto economy.
Games of skill and chance have historically been a target for scammers who to try and take advantage of the game in order to win prizes. We see this in traditional casinos and even in fantasy sports gaming. Ensuring all participants are playing the platform with a verified identity ensures fair gameplay for all and Datum ID provides an ideal solution. — Tom Chan, CEO of Altcoin Fantasy
We’re intrigued by Datum’s end-to-end platform for user authentication, data security and monetization. We’ll be exploring ways to integrate the Datum SDK and reward Bamboo users by sharing application data. It also helps that we share similar values around the future of networks and infrastructure with the Datum founding team. — Phil George, CEO/Founder of Bamboo
We look forward to working with Datum on leveraging the Datum ID technology to credential DCORP Academy participants. There is no better way to learn about new technology than experiencing it for yourself. — Sangho Grolleman, COO of DCORP
We’re excited to connect with Datum users and introduce them to our exchange. As experienced operators who invented Bitcoin.co.id which reaches over 1MM users we expect that Datum users will benefit from having early access to emerging token sales featured on Tokenomy. — Oscar Darmawan, CMO of Tokenomy
ZILLA looks forward to introducing Datum users to our app. Both Datum and ZILLA are committed to increasing security and accessibility in the crypto space.— Abasa Phillips, Founder
Helpful Links

Connect with Datum

Follow us on social media:
Telegram (English) (Russian) (Chinese)
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Bitcoin investors set to outnumber stock traders in Indonesia

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The biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in Indonesia may soon have more investors than the country's century-old stock exchange.
Id, the Indonesia Digital Asset Exchange currently has 1.15 million investors and is likely to reach 1.5 million members by the end of the year, according to INDODAX Chief Executive Officer Oscar Darmawan.
In contrast, the country's century-old Indonesia Stock Exchange, which offers stocks, futures, options and exchange-traded funds, has only 1.18 million registered participants, according to data from the Indonesia Central Securities Depository.
Indonesia Digital Asset Exchange expects its daily trading volume to double from a current average of $7.3 million USD, INDODAX CEO said.
The stock exchange on the other hand recorded average daily transactions worth roughly $550 million, in 2017.
Earlier this year, the country's former finance minister, Chatib Basri, said that Indonesia cannot stop the circulation of bitcoin, adding that prohibitive measures would not be effective.
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Masa depan Tokenomy Menurut Oscar Darmawan termasuk bitcoin Blockchain Oscar Darmawan: Anyone can use Bitcoin in Indonesia, but not as payment CEO Bitcoin Indonesia Oscar Darmawan: Regulator jangan takut Bitcoin Berkenalan dengan Teknologi Block Chain oleh Oscar Darmawan, CEO Bitcoin Indonesia Interview: Bitcoin Indonesia, Co-Founder Oscar Darmawan

Sayangnya, tidak semua orang tahu akan pengetahuan dasar untuk menggunakan Bitcoin. Buku Bitcoin, karya Oscar Darmawan harus Anda miliki. Karena saya yakin, buku ini bisa jadi solusi terbaik untuk Anda dan menjawab semua keingintahuan Anda tentang Bitcoin. Jangan sampai Bitcoin Anda raib dibobol hacker karena tidak terasosiasi dengan private key yang aman. Baca buku ini, perjuangkan mimpi Anda ... The world’s fourth most populous nation today launched its first formal blockchain association, Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (ABI), at a press conference in the capital, boosti Bitcoin.co.id - Bitcoin Exchange in Indonesia - Arbitrage Opportunity I would like to introduce myself. My name is Oscar Darmawan and I am CEO of this Bitcoin.co.id - Indonesia Biggest Bitcoin Exchanger. We are handling exchange for Bitcoin and Rupiah using open marketplace system like btc-e and bitstamp Our exchange Bitcoin.co.id is an online platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin through Bitcoin Indonesia with Rupiah. It is the fastest, safest and easiest Bitcoin marketplace in Indonesia. How the bitcoin business is developing in Indonesia – Oscar Darmawan is here to answer the question. The exchange went past the one million-member mark in February last year during a steep fall in the price of bitcoin, the world's first and most popular cryptocurrency. Indonesians have since become increasingly enamored by cryptocurrency, so much so that Indodax has now moved to a larger head office at the Millennial Centennial Center building in South Jakarta.

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Masa depan Tokenomy Menurut Oscar Darmawan termasuk bitcoin Blockchain

Oscar Darmawan, CEO of INDODAX Exchange and founder of Tokenomy Exchange talks about Vexanium in Bahasa. ----- Thank you for watching! For mo... #BINCANG Beritagar.id menemui Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bitcoin Indonesia, Oscar Darmawan, untuk berbicara tentang apa itu Bitcoin dan bagaimana uang virtual itu bekerja. Selengkapnya: https ... Masa depan Tokenomy Menurut Oscar Darmawan termasuk bitcoin Blockchain - Duration: 24:40. Tom MC Ifle 21,778 views. 24:40. Desi Anwar Bicara Soal Bitcoin - Duration: 52:10. ... Bitcoin dan Tokenomy. Oscar dikenal sebagai pengembang Bitcoin selama empat tahun terakhir. Dirinya telah berbicara tentang Bitcoin di berbagai televisi, media online dan cetak. Hallo Guys! Untuk melihat teks subtitle English, silakan di aktifkan Subtitle nya dibagian kanan atas. _Pertanyaan PM Admin (XBORN ID)_ Contact Telegram Saya : https://t.me/XBorn_ID TOKENOMY https ...