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Get Ticketing -- A Sleeping Giant

Here is an article by an author named Adnan about why Get Ticketing will explode:
Below is the same article copied and pasted for those who are too lazy to click the link. However, I recommend reading the article from the link instead as it has a lot of graphs, links, and pictures that gives a much fuller picture.
"GET protocol — the sleeping blockchain giant
Bear with me as I try to explain why the GET token is currently the most bullish crypto token in the space. The price surge will be driven by adoption and not just mere speculation. And adoption is already there but will only now start to gain huge momentum!
By the time you have read this blog you will come to see how most other crypto projects lose value in your eyes when you compare it to a project with amazing fundamentals, a project that doesn’t need an “altseason”, driven by mere mindless speculation, to give you nice returns!
Most people in the crypto space have never heard of the GET protocol. This is on one side suprising because there are 191.329 wallet holders to be exact. This means that 191.329 people have used the GET protocol, mostly without even knowing it!
The focus has always been on building a product that works and where there is demand for. Where other projects have focused and spent their funds on marketing in the crypto space (meaning luring in new investors) GET has neglected that part a bit.
Instead they focused their funds on building a waterproof system and acquiring clients who will use the protocol (venues, artists, governments, …). The effect of this is that the price hasn’t been affected by speculation.
The list of artists who use GET-fueled tickets is endless and I have honestly lost sight of everyone who uses it. But to give you an example of adoption, here is a list of some of the artists who sell GET-fueled tickets:
What is the GET protocol and what does it do?
The GET Protocol offers a blockchain-based smart ticketing solution that can be used by everybody who needs to issue admission tickets in an honest and transparent way. The goal of GET protocol is to become the worldwide ticketing standard.
To put it in simple terms: the ticketing industry is plagued by dishonest players. Not only ticket fraud but also scalping are an enormous problem in the industry. Once a ticket sale starts bots buy up the tickets and later sell them for enormous profits.
Fans are sidelined and are forced to buy tickets of their idols for a much higher price. The scalpers, not adding any value in the process, make tons of money at the expense of artists, fans, venues, event organizers, … and everybody who makes the event industry what it is.
This is where GET offers a solution proven to work
The tickets issued on the GET protocol are registered on your phone. This means that only the person in possession of the phone also owns the ticket. Every ticket is unique and is based on a QR code that updates itself and rotates to prevent fraud and scalping.
The tickets are all registered on the blockchain as a mean of transparency and accountability. This means that fans can check ticket authenticity whenever they want. This is also where the GET token comes in play but more on that later…
GET is currently the best adopted microcap
This is a bold statement but it’s not difficult to prove. Whereas other crypto “companies” confuse their investors with a lot of technical words that the average Joe doesn’t even understand and show off with meaningless partnerships, GET is actually changing the ticketing world for the better!
At the moment of writing there are 4 ticketing companies that are completely integrated in the GET protocol, and together have sold many GET-fueled tickets!
These companies currently run on the GET protocol:
Integrating an existing ticketing company is a low investment move (only the GET token is needed) that offers traditional ticketing companies several benefits. That is why I expect many ticketing companies to integrate and GET to scale quickly.
The supply
Some people are scared by the big difference in the circulating supply and the total supply. This is an unneccessary fear. The GET supply is made up of 3 portions:
This means that the circulating supply as it is now can only, ever, lightly increase for the purpose of growth. With the buybacks and burns being large enough the circulating supply will instead keep decreasing at a swift tempo.
GET in times of COVID19
In May Dutch group Di-Rect sold thousands of tickets for an online concert. They used GET’s technology to use a dynamic price setting. This means that fans were given the option to pay whatever they wanted for a ticket. Whoever paid €20 or more had the chance to win a lottery and be present at the concert.
Once the concert starts, whoever bought a ticket, will be able to watch the streamed concert on GUTS’ app. This is yet another proof of the advantages a digital ticket offers. As this was a big succes, the expectation is that more and more artists will make use of GET’s technology.
On 27/05 Dennis van Aarssen, The Voice Of Holland 2019 winner, announced that he will also do a livestreamed performance of classic covers and original music on June 7th. All tickets will be issued through the GET protocol.
GET also offers several advantages in different areas in the fights against COVID19. The right of access being linked to your mobile makes it possible for potential clients to monitor the number of visitors in real time all the time, to apply an automated seating selection which consideres an appropriate distance between all visitors, queue control, booking of timeslots for museums, shops, parks, beaches, … so overcrowding can be avoided.
When an event gets cancelled, whereas with paper tickets it’s sometimes impossible to track who owns the ticket at the current time, with GET’s technology the event organizer can, with one click, choose to make a refund to the current ticket owner, to communicate with him, to postpone the event, …
What more to expect in the (near) future?
There are so many amazing things to come in the very near future so I’ll only focus on a few of them:
Seeing the adoption the GET protocol has, the solution they bring and the enormous potential they have in conquering the ticketing industry, they have been asked by Kakao to join their blockchain “Klaytn”. So GET is an initial service partner of the Klaytn blockchain.
“Kakao’s global public blockchain project Klaytn is an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform that brings user-friendly blockchain experience to millions.”
The choice for choosing to be an Initial Service Provider of Klaytn is based on two aspects. The first aspect is the fact that Klaytn’s blockchain infrastructure is fully business and integration focused, more than any other blockchain in the market.
This results in huge improvements in areas as cost-efficiency, scalability, and data reliability. The second aspect is fueled by the potential of being part of the Klaytn ecosystem.
Kakao is a giant in South Korea. GET will bring its adoption to Kakao’s blockchain and Kakao, with its giant network, in return will open many doors in South Korea. A win-win for everyone involved!
In 2017 Kakao had more than 220 millions users on their messaging and content platform. The last few years the company has been rapidly expanding in other industry verticals.
GET fueled tickets sold for K-pop stars
As mentioned earlier: South Korean ticketing company getTicket will run fully on the GET protocol. They have already deals in line to sell tickets for K-pop stars in their country.
K-pop legend Mr. Won-Kwan Jung, as someone who has a lot of connections in the K-pop world, has joined the GET protocol as an advisor. He is an iconic figure and innovator in the world of K-Pop, owing to the fact that he was one of the three original members of SoBangCha, (or ‘Firetruck’ in English) which is regarded as the first K-Pop group to exist in the world.
In a survey conducted in 17 countries in 2019, around 37.5 percent of respondents stated that the genre K-pop was “very popular” in their country. The survey found that the popularity of K-pop reaches far beyond South Korean borders.
The fact that their idols will be selling GET-fueled tickets hasn’t reached the Korean audience yet. It is still a “public secret”. The news will be released in a directed marketing campaign later this year. You better believe that once the Koreans find out that they’ll be buying GET like hot cupcakes!
Tickets for museums and beaches to be in line with COVID19 restriction measures
With the Corona virus still not wiped out but more under control, many countries are lifting restrictions. This needs to be done in a safe and controlled manner. This means avoiding overcrowding. GET’s technology can and will surely help here.
GET’s system can do all that is needed now for a safe experience. Whether it’s booking a timeslot for the beach, for a museum,… or even for a shop from your home. The system lets the client monitor everything in real time. Someone can that way for example choose to go when there is less crowd. This all while fully respecting the user’s privacy.
The GET sales team has been busier than ever, being in contact with governments, museums, … and the dev team is constantly creating custom made smart ticketing solutions for new costumers. I’m sure we can expect some major announcements in this area soon!
Top tier exchange listings & marketing in the crypto space
The team has confirmed that listing on a top tier exchange has already been agreed. They’re just waiting for the right time to announce it, fitting in their marketing campaign. Besides that, a fiat on ramp exchange will list GET in a short timeframe.
Many projects invested most of their funds in exchange listings and fake volume, creating artifical demand. These exchange listings are almost always accompanied by paying for a market maker. Once the funds dry up (and we have seen this with many projects) delisting becomes a reality and the funds end up being spent in vain.
GET’s exchange listing and marketing campaign aren’t a means to pump the price but have the goal of creating liquidity for the end users (mainly ticketing companies) who will need to acquire a lot of GET from the open market in the short future.
Expansion in several other countries
GET’s business developer Sander:
"I am reached out by ticketing parties all around the world on a daily basis. The main challenge is to vet these parties. The goal of GET Protocol is to be the worldwide standard of digital admission rights and to get there we need to stay extremely lean and flexible in order to scale well.
In that sense we need to be 100% convinced the parties we partner up in this phase have a very high potential of becoming a big player in their respective geographies. From the onboardings we currently experience, we learn to speed up onboarding processes upcoming year."
And when asked how many tickets he expects to be sold in the near future and how many ticketing companies he expects to run on the GET protocol in 5 years time:
"Along the journey, we here at GET and GUTS learned quite a few things. One of them is avoiding to publicly announce ticket sale estimates as the chances are that we shoot ourselves in the foot with that. If we don’t meet our estimates, life sucks and the community will let us know which is fine and rightful, but to be honest for GET nothing to win.
If we meet our goal, it is okay but even then some people members manage to say they hoped for even better. In that sense, whatever we do, we can’t do well enough on that front, so I am reluctant about giving specific numbers (and I don’t have a crystal sphere either!).
That being said, regarding the amount of ticketing companies in 2025, I expect many, in many countries. It’s a matter of time that we can easier offer our products in a whitelabeled manner. Only this week we got requests for more information about our services from Germany, Paraguay, Mexico, UK and Italy and Australia.
This certainly doesn’t always mean a ticketing company could lead out of such a request, but the interest is certainly there. If we keep on doing what we do now, I believe we can boost ticketeers and event organizers around the world pretty soon and let them issue fully digital and blockchain registered tickets, all processed by GET Protocol. If more ticketing companies are onboarded, the amount of ticket sales processed by the protocol will grow exponentially."
Knowing how GET’s team has always been very careful with their promises, I take such statements very seriously. If the past has taught me anything: they’re probably making an understatement. So expect GET to spread its wings in many regions around the world and take the ticketing world by a storm!
Staking & nodes
GET’s blockchain developer Kasper Keunen has announced that a staking model is being developed. This means that you’ll be able to stake your GET. In return a portion of the ticketing fee will be rewarded to those stakers and nodes. So see it as a passive income. You sit down, relax and see it grow exponentionally as GET conquers the ticketing world :)
The end goal is to be an open source protocol
The endgoal of the GET protocol is to become open source. There will be a governance model where changes to the protocol will be determined by GET token holders. That’s why I expect ticketing companies to acquire a lot of GET in time as their revenue relies on the direction of the protocol.
GET will have a role as governance for the project as a whole. Such a role for the token is the most natural in a fully open-sourced environment of the protocol(currently not the case, yet).
As then governance by stakeholders (ticketing companies) with a serious stake in the game as their ticketing revenue relies on the direction/quality of the code to be on point.
As of yet, we do not really assign too much fundamental value to this role for the token (we barely mentioned it actually) as it is still a bit early for it to have serious merit.
So pushing that value of the token now would be a bit false advertising. As we onboard more and more ticketing companies we will develop the governance of the token role more and more!
Why the GET token is set to explode
Now that I’ve covered what the GET protocol is and where it’s going, it’s time to dig deeper in the token. And I have to say that I’ve never been more bullish on anything in my life. This for the simple reason that usage will drive the price to insanely high levels (where speculation isn’t even needed).
As mentioned above: to have full transparency and accountability (both missing links to make the ticket industry fraud- and scalpfree) all tickets sold are registered on blockchain.
You can compare GET to a gas that is needed to fuel the protocol (every state change of the ticket needs to be registered — for which GET is needed). So for every ticket sold GET is bought back from the open market and burned forever.
GET’s valuation in the (near) future
Bear in mind that this is my own expectation, based on big changes in supply and demand that I will try to explain below. Also keep in mind that I’m not a financial advisor and nothing is guaranteed in the crypto space!
But I will try to explain why I personally believe that GET will be trading at 10€ per token and more in the near future.
As time goes on and more tickets are sold, the demand for GET will keep increasing while the supply will keep decreasing. You don’t need to have a PhD in economics to understand what this will do to the price!
What kind of demand/buybacks can we expect?
As explained above: for every ticket sold at least €0,28 worth of GET is needed by the ticketing companies. Most of this GET is bought back from the exchanges (the money to do this is included in the ticket fee).
Some GET is supplied by the “user growth fund”. This is a fund created to give potential new customers a discount. This is done by subsidizing them a portion of their need for GET so these new customers don’t need to pay the full price immediately. Bear in mind that as time goes by this fund will dry up and all the GET that is needed will from that moment on be bought from the exchanges.
Since the buybacks are based on the amount of tickets issued by the protocol, to calculate what kind of buybacks we can expect in the future we need to look at the ticket sales. As mentioned before there are 4 ticketing companies using the protocol right now (GUTS, ITIX, TecTix and getTicket). Below I will make an estimation of what to expect from them.
GUTS has sold over 400k tickets. From just the deals already signed, over a million tickets would have been sold in 2020. Due to Covid19 most events had to be posponed (not cancelled). In the meanwhile the GUTS sales team hasn’t been idle and has atracted many more customers.
This means that the 1 million tickets number is probably even on the low side. But let’s say a minimum of 1 million tickets will be sold the first year where all events will be allowed again. This means that at least €280.000 worth of GET will be needed in that year.
ITIX sells 2 million tickets a year on average. Once fully integrated they will thus need at least €560.000 worth of GET on a yearly basis.
TecTix, as a new ticketing company, it’s hard to predict what kind of numbers they’ll be running at the start. But given the expertise of the TecTix team I think 200.000 tickets is a safe bet to start with. That would put us on at last €56.000 worth of GET needed/year.
And finally getTicket, a ticketing company based in South Korea. In their case it’s also difficult to make a prediction because they’re new and we have no previous data to rely on.
But judging from the comments made by the team that “everything is bigger in Korea” and that they’ll be selling stadium concerts for K-pop stars (just one concerts can mean over 100.000 tickets sold) I think it’s safe to say that they’ll be selling at least 1 million tickets/year. That would bring their need for GET to at least €280.000 a year.
So if we put this together the 4 ticketing companies will need over € 1 million worth of GET on a yearly basis. Bear in mind that more ticketing companies will keep joining and the existing ticketing companies will keep growing, taking away marketshare from ticketing companies that can’t offer all of the advantages mentioned before.
Based on all of this I, pesonally, would say that €5 million/year in GET buybacks by 2023 is not an unreasonable prediction.
What can we expect from GET’s supply?
Demand for a token means nothing if the supply is unlimited. The best example of the importance of the supply is the recent Bitcoin halvening that got everyone excited.
Before the halvening around 1800 BTC were mined every day. Let’s say that at current prices this was around $16 million worth of BTC per day. The miners obviously have to sell a large portion of this to cover their costs. So even if there are no other sellers, a large number of BTC has to be bought from the market every day just to keep status quo of the current price.
Halvening basically means that the speed at which the supply increases will be halved (900 BTC mined on a daily basis instead of 1800). The supply of BTC will still continue to increase, only at a slower tempo.
Scarcity should be the ultimate goal when investing in utility tokens.
With GET’s utility token things are different: every GET bought by a ticketing company will be burned. Contrary to BTC the supply of GET will thus continue to decrease as time goes on, removing the stacks of those eager to sell.
This is not a dig at Bitcoin by the way as I’m a fan. Just highlighting the advantage an adopted utility token with good tokenomics has over “the king”.
I hope you now understand my expectation that the price will explode. Many holders will obviously not be willing to sell at current prices with such an increasing demand.
As the price is determined by many factors and we don’t know what the price will do exactly, it’s not possible to pin down the exact supply in the future. We do know that it will keep decreasing at a swift tempo unless the price goes parabolic.
Finding the equilibrum for the price
The demand for GET will keep increasing through adoption and the supply decreasing as the used GET are destroyed forever
The equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity occur where the supply and demand curves cross. The equilibrium occurs where the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied. If the demand increases and the supply decreases then the price will rise until it finds a new equilibrium.
Putting a correct marketcap valuation on a crypto project is an extremely difficult task. With traditional companies we can for example rely on the revenue, profit, dividend payments, … to estimate what the company is/should be worth.
In most countries a 5% rental yield is considered a good investment. Of course it’s not fully comparable as these buybacks don’t automatically put money on your account. But they do increase the price and destroy the supply. So I think it’s in a way reasonable to extrapolate this 5% yield to our case.
Having explained why I expect atleast €5 million in yearly buybacks by 2023, that would mean the marketcap should be around €100 million (5% = the buyback of €5 million multiplied by 20).
The current circulating supply of GET is around 13,5 million. The expectation is that the burning mechanism will destroy more than half of that by 2023 (this takes into account an increasing price of the GET token). So let’s round it up to 5 million GET remaining.
A marketcap of €100 million with a supply of 5 million GET would mean a price of €20/GET. This would be an increase of 6566.67%.
Of course these numbers are not set in stone and merely a prediction but if you’ve been reading this blog you have come to understand why I am extremely bullish on the GET token.
I have completely taken the speculation factor or an “altseason” or “fomo” out of the equation and only focused on a price increase driven by an increasing demand and decreasing supply! So the focus is on an organic price growth.
Another great thing about holding a token with mass adoption and guaranteed buybacks is that I don’t have to worry about the price. As the buybacks are a guaranteed thing, the lower the price of GET the more GET is bought back and destroyed forever. So even a price decrease, as contradictory as it may sound, is bullish for longterm holders!
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Season 2 Episode 3: Auto Erotic Assimilation

Below is all of the words in this episode. Double and triple checked. Where's Unity Now? What do you think Rick represents symbolically?
Rick, Morty, and Summer flying in a spaceship, singing.
All: "Love! Experience!"
Rick: "Yeah, Morty."
All: "Come Together! With Love, Connection, and Experience!"
Summer & Morty: "It's my favorite song!"
Rick: "Oh, yeah."
[Alarm Beeps]
Rick: "Oh, YEAH! Distress beacon! YEAH, BABY!"
Morty: "And you're excited about that?"
Rick: "The first rule of space travel, kids... Is always check out distress beacons. 9 out of 10 times, it's a ship full of dead aliens. And a bunch of free shit!"
Morty, Summer: "Oh!"
Rick: "1 out of 10 times it's a deadly trap, but i'm ready to role those dice."
Summer: "Seems like something terrible happened here."
Rick: Mumbles "Cha-ching. Oh, yeah, if you find a room full of eggs. Don't shy away from it. Give one of them a shake. Those face-huggers are worth more than this ship."
Morty: "Uh, what's that?" Points at Rick's graffiti art
Rick: "This'll make the cops write it up. As a looting, by the korblocks."
Morty: "That's horrible."
Rick: "I hear you, man, cops are racists."
Three aliens board the spaceship
Rick: "Oh, hey! You're alive...thank god!"
Alien woman: "Help us! Our planet was taken over by some kind of...entity. It absorbed the minds of our people..."
Alien Man: "We didn't notice until it was too late. The people it takes over, they... they look like your friends, your family, your leaders, but their not themselves anymore...They're part of...it!"
Rick: "Then... how do you know it didn't get on the ship with you? Those two ding-dongs seem pretty calm about the whole thing."
Two aliens in the back [BOTH SCREECH]
Alien Man: "Hey No! NO, WAIT! STOP!"
All except Rick start screaming.
Rick: "Called it."
All Assimilated aliens: [Gurgles]
Unity: "Hello Rick, long time no see..."
Rick: "UNITY?"
Summer: "Grandpa?"
Morty: "Rick?"
Rick: "OH, BOY! UH...these are my grandkids, Summer and Morty."
Rick: Looks over at grandkids "This is, uh, UNITY. We sort of used to, UH...DATE."
Rick: Steps off spaceship. "Quite an operation you got going here, Une. You're a whole planet now, HUH?"
Unity: "After we broke up, I spent some time wandering through space. Then I found this world...where I was better able to focus on my passion for unification."
Summer: "You mean stealing people's bodies?"
Rick: "Summer, rude." Face palms "Why don't you two kids go run off and play with UNITY. While UNITY and I do some catching up."
UNITY: Approaches Morty and summer and reaches for their arms
Summer and Morty: "Ugh. No, wait!"
Morty: "Rick! Aren't these people gonna barf into our mouths and absorb us?"
UNITY: "You're guests here on our planet. You're free to be yourselves. I've never been any good at disappointing Rick."
Summer: "Well, now I'm going to barf. Come on, Morty."
Beth: "Jerry, What are you -- what are you doing in here?"
Jerry: "I'm trying to find our weed whacker, 'cause our weeds are whack, yo.'"
Beth: "But you cant go in the garage when Rick's not here."
Jerry: "I "cant"?"
Beth: "Well he doesn't like it."
Jerry: "What's he gonna do? Crash, rent-free at his other family's house?"
Beth: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Jerry: "You're dad gets to walk all over us, because of your abandonment issues. 'He's playing you, shorty'."
Beth: "Oh, STOP affecting that stupid hip-hop dialect."
Jerry: "Stop shifting the cross-hairs to my ironic urban patois. Just, because your relationship with your father is 'to up from the Flo' up."
Beth: Raises arm as if she is about to speak.
Alien chained up in basement: [SCREECHING]
Jerry: "What the HELL was THAT?"
Beth: "I don't know, let's just leave."
Alien chained up in basement: [GURGLING]
Jerry: "That is A HATCH! points at the hatch angrily. Your father put a hatch in my garage!"
Beth: "You don't know it was HIM. Anyway, we're not supposed to be in here."
Jerry: "Obviously, neither is whatever is gurgling down there."
Alien chained up in basement: [SCREECH, GURGLE]
Rick: Walking through the streets of unity's planet "World Peace Achieved. NICE. Little weird to publish a paper about it for yourself, but hey. So, what's next?"
Unity: "After I become a type-one civilization, this world will be invited into the galactic federation."
Rick: "Oh, GOODY."
Unity: "From there, I'll have access to countless planets and species, one by one I will unify them, I will become a universe, and I will be what the single minded once called a god."
Rick: [BELCHES] "I like that. Oh, that's pretty sexy. Hey listen, where can we get a drink around here?"
Unity: "Recreational substance were phased out here. There's no need for escape from the self when your world is one."
Rick: Face palms and looks up "Unity, Unity, WHO AM I TALKING TO? I watched you assimilate a whole police station just to get your hands on the evidence locker!"
Unity: "Rick, when we met, I was a Young hive mind with the population of a small town. People... change...[ENGINE TURNS OVER] Especially when I change them. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've grown."
Rick: "Hey, listen, I've grown, too."
Unity: Stares comprehensively at Rick
Rick shrugs and raises arm: "I HAVE! See, I've -- I've reconnected with my family, right?"
Unity: "HM. Why's that, I wonder?"
Rick: "Maybe It's part of getting old..Maybe I just miss being with... a collective."
Rick and unity kiss
Rick, unity: [MOANING]
Unity: "YES, RICK. YES."
Rick: "OH, YEAH!"
Rick: "WAIT, WAIT. STOP. HOLD IT. Not like this. We need a hang-glider, and a crotchless uncle Sam costume, and I want the entire field of your largest stadium covered end to end with naked redheads, and I want the stands packed with every man that remotely resembles my father."
Morty: "Man, Look at them go. So coordinated." [GULPS] "What's your problem? They're making you into a Mount Rushmore. They made burgers!"
Summer: "Morty, OPEN YOUR EYES. There is NO "THEY." These poor people's bodies are being used. Their a planet of puppets."
Unity: "I can hear you, you know."
Summer: "Ugh!" Places hand to block out alien and look away.
Morty: "Well, it seems like everybody here's cool with it. Except for the redheads. They seem like their in a hurry to be somewhere else."
UNITY: "Balloon, Summer? Balloon, Morty?"
Summer: "No we don't want your dumb balloons, okay? We're bored, take us back to Rick."
Unity: "Now's not...a good time."
Rick: Flying in a hang-glider into a stadium, wearing goggles and a crotchless uncle sam costume "OH, YEAHHHH! I WANT YOOOOOOOOU!"
UNITY: [CHANTING] "Go son go! Go son, Go! Go son go! Go son Go!"
Screen fades to black, back to garage with Beth and Jerry.
Jerry: "Oh, REAL NICE. REAL NICE. How does a man do this without me noticing?"
Beth: "Oh, you know my dad once he puts his mind to something."
Jerry: "You're spinning this to his credit?"
Alien Chained up in basement: [SCREECHING, GURGLING]
Jerry: "I'm going down there."
Beth: "Jerry--"
Jerry: "Beth, THIS IS MY HOUSE, which makes this my garage, my secret hatch, my hidden subterranean lair, and my faceless gargler. Now, are you gonna keep hating this playa? Or are you gonna jack my steez?"
Beth: Puts hand up to cover Jerry's face, looks away. "Okay, you're just making stuff up now."
Fade to black, back to Unity's planet.
Rick: "OH, MY GOD. UGH." Drinks water. [GLUG! GLUG! GLUG!]
Rick: "What's this "was" stuff? I just need to hydrate, then we're doing that again." [SPACESHIPS WHIR]
Rick: "Look, if this is an invasion I gotta sit this one out, but I'll be back to have sex with the survivors."
UNITY: "It's a neighboring hive-mind species, BETA SEVEN. Our planets maintain a practical alliance for exchange of vital resources, so BE NICE."
Beta Seven: "Unity, is it a bad time? Are all present life forms, assimilated?"
Unity: "Beta Seven, this is my single-minded friend from earth, Rick."
Beta Seven: "Rick...Sanchez. Unity has spoken of you."
Rick: "All Bad, I hope. HA HA!"
BETA SEVEN: "Bleeeeeh!"
Rick: "OH Jesus CHRIST!"
UNITY: "Beta Seven, if my allies are a problem for you, perhaps our alliance is, as well."
Beta Seven: "Our alliance is beneficial. When Beta Seven Expresses concern, it's only be-because."
Rick, in background: "OH, SNAP! Powdered neutronium? Amphetetron? You know what I can make with this stuff?"
Rick: "COME ON. It's not every day that I'm in town. It's -- It's for old time sake."
UNITY: "UH...OKAY, what the hell. We can purify the resin and make fractal dust!"
Rick: "Oh, I was thinking velocitinis, but..."
Unity: "AW, old man Rick can't party with the whole planet?"
Rick & Unity : [LAUGHING]
Rick @ Beta Seven : "I can do whatever you do and more, baby."
Rick : "You know, I think Beta Seven over there is hoping your alliance can be more than practical."
Unity: [LAUGHING] Nudges Rick's Shoulder "Stop."
Rick: [Laughing]
Jerry: In Basement "Well, this explains the $6,000 electric bill."
Jerry: Turns and shines light on alien "Whoa!"
Alien Chained Up in Basement: [SCREECHES]
Jerry, looking at Beth: "Well Nice. Real NICE. Alien Prisoners under the house. REAL NICE. NICE. REEEEEEEEEEEEEAL --"
Beth: "God Damnit, STOP."
Summer, on Unity's planet: "Wake up people! You have to fight it! You're under the spell of an evil monster!"
Unity: "I can hear you."
Summer: "Yeah, sop you keep saying." Slaps unity
Unity: [GRUNTS]
Morty: "Summer!"
Summer @ Unity: "Wake up! You have to have some individuality left in there!"
Unity: "Why do you hate me, Summer?"
Summer: "I'm not talking to you, Unity. I'm talking to...Steven Phillips. Steven, set yourself free."
Unity: "Summer, before I took over this planet this man was a registered sex offender."
Summer: "Yeah? So what? at least he was himself..."
Unity: "This woman was a drug addict on the verge of suicide, now...she's a marine biologist."
Morty: "Listen, Unity. I don't think my sister's trying to say that life would be perfect without you. I think she's just saying that life would be, life."
Unity: "I have transformed life here into a paradise. Prostitutes are now scientists. The homeless are now "phisosophers"".
Summer, sarcastically: "OH. OH. "PH-PHISOSOPHERS"? NICE."
Unity, starting to collapse: "PHILOPOL...PHIPHOPHOPHER... OH, MY GOD."
Summer: "Where did you learn to talk, you grandpa stealing slut?"
Unity: "I'm feeling...[RETCHES] UGH."
Morty: "Oh, man, let me help all of you up."
ALL: "I'm fine!"
Screen fades to black, [DANCE MUSIC PLAYS] in unity's bachelor pad.
UNity: [SNIFFS] "Do you know what I LOVE ABOUT YOU, Rick? You're the only single mind I've met that REALLY SEES the BIGGER PICTURE."
Rick: "You got that right... BUT, baby, listen -- Y-You're talking about taking over planets and galaxies. You got to -- got to just remember to let go sometimes, you know?"
Unity: "I can let go. Hey, look. You see that town accross the river? Watch this?"
Rick, turns: "WHOA!"
Rick: "WHOA! That's not what I meant!"
Unity: [LAUGHING] "It's okay. It's okay. I evacuated. I evacuated the town. Look."
Unity: "Hey! We're right here. We're fine." [LAUGHS]
Rick: [LAUGHS] "OH, that was awesome." [CHUCKLES] "MY -- MY GRANDKIDS weren't in that town, right? A -- are my grandkids alive? M-My drink is empty."
Alien Man: [GROANS]
Summer: "UNITY, what's happening?"
Alien man, sex offender: "Who's Unity? You kids have nice feet. Mind if I take a picture?"
Summer: "Gross, no."
Morty: "I think you're getting what you wanted, Summer. Something's happening to Unity."
Summer: "Do all of you remember who you are?"
Alien man: "Yeah, uh, my name is Ron Benson, I'm an electrical engineer , father of two. And judging from my flat, concentric nipple rings. I'm a member of this planet's top race!"
Some other other aliens cheer with Ron Benson
Summer: "Okay, thats good. UH, dont focus too much on the last part, but..."
Alien Man: "I'm Daryl Jefferson. I'm a landscaper." [STARTS TO RAISE VOICE] "And I'll be damned if I let That ripple-nipple bitch's race rein superior. The cone nipple people will rule this world!"
Ron Benson: "You SHUT YOUR MOUTH. You dirty knife-nipple bastards."
Daryl Jefferson: "What did YOU say to Me? You target chest piece of shit?"
Alien Man running across frame: "RACE WARRR!"
All: "Ugh!" [GRUNTING]
Summer: "Why are you fighting? Can't you see that you're all the same?"
Morty: "Oh, Summer. [LAUGHS] First race war, huh?"
Screen fades to black, redirect to city street on fire. [ALL SHOUTING, SCREAMING]
Morty: "Way to go, Summer. You started a race war."
Summer: "I didn't start it! They're the racists. I -- I merely empowered them to follow their apparently misquided dreams."
Morty: "Okay, thanks for clarifying. I'll have a super accurate headstone now."
Alien Man: "Hey WAIT! -- What race are you guys?"
Morty: "We're neither. S-SEE?"
Summer: "Yeah, take my word for it, we just have regular nipples."
Alien Man, still angry: Looks over at other aliens "Hey, these two freaks have no race!"
Morty: "OHHHHH, there's no place like home. There's no place like home. Remember, Summer? From Dorothy and the tiny people movie?"
Summer: "YES, YES."
Morty: "All the tiny people."
Summer: "Dorothy, take us away."
Unity: "Hello, Summer. Hello, Morty. It's okay! You're safe now."
Morty: "Unity?"
Unity: "Yes."
Summer: "Oh, unity, I am SO SORRY. I didn't know freedom meant people doing stuff that sucks. I was thinking more of a choose your own cell-phone carrier thing."
Unity: "Oh, Summer. You did nothing wrong. I'm having fun with your grandpa, lost a little control. Probably shouldn't be piloting a hover-copter, nor should I be running 200,000 pediatric hospitals and 12 million deep fryers, but Hey, it's NOT like THIS PLANET can take their business elsewhere."
Morty: "UM, should we maybe stop somewhere and get you a coffee? Maybe splash a little water on your face, or..."
Unity: "No, No, if I wanted to be sober, I wouldn't have gotten drunk. WHOO-HOO-HOO!"
Unity flies spaceship into the sky over a burning city, screen fades to black. Redirect to Jerry and Beth standing near Alien chained up in the basement with a flashlight.
Jerry: "Oh, Man. I cannot wait, I cannot wait to hear Rick explain his way out of this. He is GONE."
Beth: "JERRY, STOP, PLEASE, OKAY? We weren't even supposed to be down here. If we confront him about this --"
Jerry: "Oh, MY GOD! I love this. I love that THIS is how far you will go for HIM. You want to go upstairs and cut carrots, and watch a lifetime original above a [bleeping] alien dungeon! Your relationship with your father is psychotic!"
Beth: "Oh, listen to you relish the idea that my genius father is a bad person. Step out of your EGO for a second and look at this thing -- it's a MONSTER. He might have chained it up so that it doesn't eat the planet!"
Jerry: "Right because your father's such an altruist? I once saw him briefly forget the word for "humans." He's probably harvesting this creatures organs."
Beth: "He's probably racing to cure it's space aids."
Jerry: "He's going to eat it!"
Beth: "He's protecting it!"
Alien: [screeches]
Jerry & Beth: Look at alien "Shut up!"
Screen fades to black, redirect back to Unity's planet...
[HUMMING] Alien Man, barfing: "WHOA!"
Summer: "Unity, this place is a mess."
Unity: "Oh, it's cool. The part of me that is the cleaning lady is coming on Friday. [GASPS] OH, MY GOD. I have a meeting at the galactic federation in an hour. Oh, I'll never make it. Ah, I'll push it to next week."
Morty: "Unity, could you get Rick out here, please." Unity: "He's unavailable. He's..."
Summer: "He's having sex with you, We get it. Gross."
Unity: "I don't think he wants to be..."
Summer & Morty: "Grandpa Rick! Rick! Rick!"
Morty: "I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad about the gagoo you have locked up under the garage!"
Rick, stumbles out of room, wearing a sombrero holding a beer: [BELCHES] "What the hell is your problem?"
Summer: "Grandpa, We need to go home, now."
Rick: "Fine. Sheesh."
Rick picks up portal gun. Aims it.
Rick: "SEE YA!"
Morty: "Uh, Rick... I think we should all go."
Rick: "Tend your garden, kids. I'm kind of doing a thing here."
Unity: [LAUGHS] "WHOO!"
Summer: "Grandpa Rick, we're NOT leaving without you."
Rick: "Oh, my god, you guys. I get it. You're afraid the big bad hive mind is gonna steal your grandpa away."
Summer: "Actually, NO. I think Unity's GREAT. And YOU'RE a horrible influence on it."
Rick: "WHAT?"
Morty: "This isn't healthy, Rick. You know, you're really up to no good around here a -- at this place, you know?"
Summer @ Rick: "You and Unity are like -- leggings and mid-calf boots. You think you're great together, but you're just bringing out the worst in each-other..."
Rick: "Oh, GEE. Well Summer, WELL PUT. Uh, why don't we see what UNITY thinks? Unity?"
Unity: "I'm just taking a little break from stuff. You know? I need to relax."
Rick, grabs remote, turns on television: "Oh, HEY, W-What's this on the news, guys? L-LET me turn it up."
News anchor, on television screen: "In the news today, this looks a lot worse than it is. We're really just having a good time. Karen?"
Female News anchor: "Thanks, Todd. Up next, are you a concerned grandchild? Or just a buzz-kill? We'll tell you how you can know for sure..."
Rick @ Morty & Summer: "I think you two are a little outnumbered."
Summer: "Okay, well, what if you did it for me? What if you came with us as a favor to us? Because you love us?"
Rick: "What? DUMB. BYE."
Morty: "But Rick, Summer's just --"
Rick: "Morty, Summer's just a hyper-emotional needly little -- what's the word I'm looking for here? Uh...human. It runs in the family. I can tolerate it but I can't give a crap about it. Take a hike."
Summer: "Take care of yourself, Unity."
Morty and Summer walk through the portal.
Rick : "I'm not looking for judgment, just a yes or no -- can you assimilate a giraffe?"
Screen fade to black, redirect to Beth and Jerry in the hatch.
Beth: "You're the worst."
Jerry: "No you're the worst! You don't support this family! All you care about is yourself!"
Beth: "You think supporting the family is about supporting you emotionally...because it's never enough."
Jerry: "You've got two children getting dragged across the cosmos, with your dangerously ill father!"
Beth: "JERRY!"
Jerry: "And force me to watch because you would rather lose them than lose me!"
Beth: "You don't even know what it's like to be afraid of losing anything.."
Jerry: "Than lose him! And you cling. Admit it, you're the child Beth! You, NOT ME, YOU!"
Jerry & Beth: AAH! AAH! [BOTH SIGH] As alien moves away from them
Alien, grabs Mic: "Uh, first of all, my name is blim-blam the korblock. Second of all, cards on the table, I'm a murderer and I came to this planet to eat babies. However, I am ALSO carrying a highly infectious disease, that I suppose you could call "SPACE AIDS" as you put it. And Rick did chain me up so that he could attempt to cure it."
Beth, starts dancing.
Alien: "At the same time, Rick's motivation to cure my disease was not to save my life or anyone else's, but to patent and sell the cure for billions of blemflarks."
*Jerry smiles and points sarcastically at Beth's face.
Alien: "But do you know the reason why I ripped my chains out of the wall? And do you know why I'm never coming back to this planet? Because the two of you are the bleeping worst! You both hate yourselves AND eachother. And the idea that it had anything to do with Rick is laughable. I'd laugh but I'm biologically incapable. That's how alien I am. And even I'm sitting here listening to the two of you, and being like, "WHAT THE [BLEEP]". So... good luck with your shitty marriage, and tell Rick I'm sorry he has to deal with either of you. Blim-Blam, OUT!"
Alien: Drops Mic, comes back to pick up Mic [GURGLES]: "You know what? I'm taking this."
Alien crawls up ladder into garage: Tries to open garage door. "How do you -- WHAT IS THIS?"
Morty: Presses button to open garage door
Alien: "Uh, Is there a slow setting? Best door...ever..."
Rick: [Belches, Sighs, Coughs] "Okay, okay. Now make them cry...but happy crying. Now make them all make fun of the blond one. Now make them all do it on the table. I cant believe you created a whole show for me! Now cancel it! Okay, put it back on. [LAUGHS] All, right. I'm bored."
Unity: "Rick, is there a way for you to call Summer and Morty? I feel bad that they --"
Rick: "Pbht. Screw those guys. Ugh. I'll be right back. Don't waste your brains on those weirdos, UNITY. Their no different from any of the aimless chumps that you occupy. They just put you at the center of their lives because you're powerful. Then because they put you there, they want you to be less powerful. Never gonna happen though, right?"
All Sigh except Rick: "Never."
Rick: "Back in a flash." [Door whooshes] [Toilet Whooshes]
Redirect to bathroom*
Rick: "Best weekend ever, Rick. I agree, rick. Let's see how long we can go. Hey Une. You got any more --"
Female President: "Rick, forgive me for doing this in notes. I'm not strong enough to do it in persons."
Delivery Guy, also Unity: "I realize now that I'm attracted to you for the same reason I can't be with you. You can't change."
Beggar: "And I have no problem with that, but it clearly means, I have a problem with myself."
Newspaper Vendor: "I'm sure their's no perfect version of me. I'm sure I'll just Unify species after species, and never really be complete."
Female president: "But I know how it goes with us. I lose who I am and become a part of you. Because in a strange way, you're better at what I do without even trying. Yours and nobody else's, Unity. P.S I don't know where those coal miners were before they got assimilated, might want to get yourself checked."
Rick Walks into family room.
Beth: "Dad... I [CLEARS THROAT] Jerry and I were looking for our weed whacker and found your subterranean lair, and your alien prisoner, and he got away. And I know I sound like MOM, But I can't sacrifice this whole family's safety just because I'm afraid you'll leave again, so...no more alien prisoners. And no more subterranean excavation without consulting us."
Rick: "Okay."
Beth: "Okay? "Okay" -- like you're gonna quietly teleport somewhere else and never come back?"
Rick: "No. It's your house."
Summer: "Grandpa Rick? What happened with Unity?"
Rick: "Who? Oh, Unity. Yeah well... I mean.. honestly we're talking about an entity that thrives on enslavement, you know? It's not cool. Fun's fun, but who needs it? I'll be in the garage."
Rick, in spaceship, screaming through loudspeaker at larger spaceship.
Rick: "UNITY! Unity? Unity."
Beta Seven appears on comm screen.
Beta Seven: "Can I help you?"
Rick: "I want to talk to unity, Beta Seven, I know it's in there."
Beta Seven: "You're classified as a hostile entity and Unity doesn't wanna talk to you."
Rick: "Look I know your game Beta Seven, I've met a billion of you, you little on-deck shoulder to cry on..."
Beta Seven: "You are classified...as a HOSTILE entity."
Rick: "Oh, you're just loving this. This isn't gonna shake out like you think pal, Unity's not into other hive minds. It's gonna suck you in and use you up, and a month from now I'm gonna be making out with all of you in a bunch of red wigs! UNITY! UNITY! Unity, I know you can hear me, get out here."
Beta Seven: "Weapons systems engaged."
Rick: "Oh, in your dreams you have weapons systems."
Morty: "Rick you said we were going to a movie."
Rick: "We are, Morty. This isn't over Beta, shit, Seven. You just got saved by the bell, bitch."
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 265 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 112.2 Uranium One Witnesses - The Real Lambert or Fake Campbell Soup? - YouTube
    • It's day 112 and it's part 2 and there's some new breaking news about Campbell here
    • As you know in the past we've done a lot of shows about 75 days ago on Mark Lambert
    • And the difference between Campbell being kind of more of a K Street guy
    • He's being represented by two K Street lawyers that live there that work extremely close like right across the street from him
    • More of a kind of an interface between Washington DC and the FBI let's say and the nuclear industry
    • Whereas Mark Lambert being a Navy Intel guy, knows all the logistics, knows all the nuclear science, knows all the languages, I mean just really deep expert in this whole trade
    • We're talking all the way the whole nuclear cycle--from the ore to the Kroupnick crushers, to the yellowcake, to the spinning of the Uranium in Paducah, to the--making fuel out of it for the different Duke Energy plants, all the way to getting into the plant the nuclear fuel rod plant in Tennessee, to getting it into the Navy ships an electric boat at the at the shipyards in Mobile, and the shipyards in Wilmington, and the shipyards in Groton, Connecticut--
    • So he knows the whole cycle, as well as when the rods come back from those different ships
    • And how to bring them through South Carolina
    • And then bring them up to Sharon Harris for storage
    • And then use of that MOX fuel for hey let's use this MOX fuel that has these plutonium for CANDU reactors around the world
    • Why why do we want to store this?
    • Let's let's use this nuclear fuel cycle
    • So Campbell being really kind of really kind of a bagman--I hate to say it--Lambert being the real expert
    • And this is where an informed public really can say hey look I don't--you didn't give me enough detail with the John Solomon's story here
    • With--there was some yellowcake that went to Europe and some yellowcake that went to Asia
    • That's not specific enough
    • You didn't give me enough information about what what is this STX spin-off?
    • This sport transport logistics
    • What is this why the soccer balls in Sialkot
    • What's what's going on there
    • You're doing Uranium One day and then you're talking about cake and soccer balls
    • The next day you're talking about envy cylinders going back to to Piketon Ohio
    • What's going on there? Don't quite understand that
    • So this Uranium One story is developing second thing to support my theory that--Hilary spent most of her time on these one-two-three agreements here
    • Is just looking at the NNSA and looking at the agreements
    • And looking at the dates of the agreements
    • And seeing most of them were signed when she was either shadow Secretary of State in 1997, with Argentina,
    • Or with Australia, when she was Secretary of State
    • Shadow Secretary of State with Brazil
    • CANDU is Canada becomes the kind of surreptitious partner
    • If there's a problem there's no one-two-three agreement, we'll just start the program with Canada, and we'll take our National Lab information and we'll give it to them
    • China with Kerry being kind of a stand-in secretary of state
    • Moving down here to the European and International atomic energy
    • These are kind of like brokers for anybody
    • They can take technology for Europe or Asia for our yellowcake right
    • Now India was signed by Bush
    • But then as well as Indonesia and Japan
    • But then look at Kazakhstan. Kind of comes in at the end and that's where this megatons to megawatts kind of comes in
    • And they've been used to getting away with
    • They've been used to branding this and having a--person like Share Blue media come in and David Brock and and--paint the pretty pictures
    • And everybody goes hey that sounds like a good idea
    • Take nuclear weapons and then make--nuclear fuel out of it--what a great idea
    • When in actual fact something very different is happening at the ground level
    • And that's why I like the Mark Lambert's of the world, that actually deal with it on the ground level you could even see here that Morocco--scales up its program
    • And then Norway signs a deal the day before Trump--I think Podesta may have been in Norway during that negotiation right there at the end
    • And then of course the Russian Federation while Hillary signs it's one two three well
    • Hillary is there
    • South Africa comes in with Marc Rich this is the influence of Marc Rich
    • Switzerland, Marc Rich, I think there's a lot of reactors in Switzerland that we don't know about buried deep beneath the hills there
    • That's Allen Dulles type thinking
    • As well as Taiwan and Turkey
    • So this really is where the money is--a thousand times more valuable, I think the HEU then the gold
    • Now here's the mixed oxide fuel
    • And the nice part about mixed oxide fuel--this could be coming from weapons programs right
    • So it could utilize surplus weapons-grade Uranium
    • And then you can use it in these CANDU reactors--these fast reactors okay
    • So you could build those CANDUs in China you can build them in Iran you could build them in Pakistan you can build them in India South Africa all over the world, through Canada, and there you go you're in business
    • And then you can sign the nuclear deal later on--the one two three agreement later on
    • And here's your can do reactors and I think this--the partnership with Trudeau's have been it's been a long time
    • Not just the current Trudeau, but the father--they had a very strong relationship with the Clintons--a good business relationship
    • And again, you can use and leverage--if you insert yourself and infiltrate yourself into these national laboratories with Awan-type infiltration program--it really works well
    • And I think these Dukes--these are the kind of the insiders
    • They consider themselves maybe the knowledge Dukes
    • And I think they have some progenitors that they look to and
    • They go--there was almost smart Nazi scientists this is released--celebrated there's a facility I visited in northern France, which is the Peda Munda v2 rocket plant
    • It's incredibly automated for 80 years ago, really quite impressive
    • And then there's this kind of the the bad boy of the bunch--that was not a Nazi u-boat commander the wolf pack
    • This is the--Navy irregular warfare under--three three three 333 half evil--the Wolf Pack idea
    • And I think really the Dukes if the Dukes had any attitude, it would be more like the Nazi u-boat commander kind of thing
    • A stealth infiltration etc
    • And then there's a good heap of of Nazi Intelligence thrown in there as well in this group in the Dukes
    • This is where I think the FBI side of the Dukes is
    • Not the Navy Intel side, but more the FBI side which is really the same thing I guess
    • But man this looks like Rod Rosenstein
    • Having seen Rod Rosenstein up close, I thought it was Reinhardt Gehlen when I saw him
    • I said that's not Rod Rosenstein that's Rhinehart Gehlen
    • And somebody said no no that's he's testifying in front of Congress
    • That's Rod Rosenstein
    • So anyway but what the Nazis did Indian Intel did was their strategy was hey we're not strong--in Africa as the US or Britain especially Britain England
    • So we're gonna develop these groups
    • We're gonna leverage these current groups that are on the ground and to get the mining
    • Get the land get the Uranium, get the gold, get them molybdenum whatever they needed right for war
    • And isn't Isis that exact same thing?
    • Isn't really aren't the Awans really just an expression of the old Nazi modus operandi?
    • Now I'm not saying these current dukes are Nazis
    • But there is kind of this Pax urania, through our Intelligence and through our knowledge into our brainpower, and through our knowledge of military, and through our knowledge of Intelligence, we're going to end up ruling the world through this valuable resources that's worth a thousand times more than gold
  • Day 120.3. Revenge of the Nuclear Nazis - YouTube
    • Day 112 as part 3 it's a beautiful day here in Washington even though it is quite cold still
    • So the latest news was this fake police force
    • Now we had a fake police officer here in our lobby after a Task Force's room was turned over
    • Then a very solid female cop came in, very professional, was filling out a police report
    • She left the room said I'll be right back
    • And then Task Force came down about an hour later, because nobody came back up to the room
    • And there was this fake cop there a guy, with a beard, tattoo, looked like he just had put on his shirt, and fake badge, and fake gun
    • Or a real gun but--didn't--looked very sloppy and disheveled
    • Not an authoritative police officer
    • Well this is exactly what Kamala Harris was her staff was just busted for
    • Having a fake police force fake badges--may have been at the Auto Auction--for police cars
    • But are being used now under the color-of-law as real police cars
    • And that is pretty much what Kamala Harris got busted for
    • So was was were they telling the truth? Was Task Force telling the truth?
    • I think she was because I was there
    • I do also know that at a very high level lieutenant commander in the Navy was here at 5:30 in the morning
    • Because I came down and begging for the for the security cam footage
    • Because this fake cop squared off,
    • When Task Force demanded to have a police report done, and said you're a police officer, that's your job, he squared off
    • Did not unholster the weapon but grabbed the weapon and squared off on her
    • So this is something that is real
    • And if you don't think JTTF runs this--then well you don't have to think that
    • But JTTF is in this position of being a part of a program and a Counterintelligence side
    • That got developed 20 years ago with John Brennan
    • And Andy McCabe was the knight in shining armor inside the FBI, fixing all the little--being the hands and feet of John Brennan
    • And they have infiltrated the FBI through the Counterintelligence division
    • It's just the way it happened
    • Same way that the Nazis they came over here in Fort Hunt
    • And the Counterintelligence division of the Nazis got into the CIA same exact way
    • So and then this whole idea of Nuclear Nazi
    • Oh by the way then it was a Navy guy that asked for the tape--he got the tapes
    • And he reported to the Chief of Naval Operations
    • Again, down at NAVSEA Navy Sea Command in Navy yard
    • So it all roads lead to the Navy Yard
    • Not just Washington DC
    • They lead to the Navy Yard
    • And so there's this kind of group of thousand 100 partners these Frank Giustra partners
    • I'm not saying they're all Navy
    • I'm not saying they're all FBI
    • I'm not saying they're all CIA
    • I'm not saying they're all Wall Street types and mining types
    • But it's it's it's a group it's a consortium of about eleven hundred of them
    • So anyway they are acting like Nuclear Nazis
    • So that's why I call them the Nuclear Nazis
    • And they do bear an awful strong resemblance to Rhinehart Galen Rod Rosenstein
    • And Mueller certainly looks very much like Heinrich Mueller
  • Day 112.4. Kamilla Harris and Becerra’s Weird Navy Freemasons - YouTube
    • It's day 112--this is part four
    • And we've got some Senators looking like they're leaving now
    • Maybe there won't be a vote today the budget bill
    • Looks like Rand Paul may have introduced a late amendment to cap the budget, which I can see his point
    • 160 billion dollar increase on the Republican side 131 billion dollar increase on the domestic side
    • So that's pretty pretty astonishing increase
    • The story that kind of resurfaced from 2016, speaking of Senators--the Senator from California Kamala Harris was they had this weird Freemasons group
    • And this is that Navy Intel our Navy Intel kind of Masonic group that is resurfacing in America over the last eight to nine years, when Hillary became Secretary of State
    • This this group I think we got some action
    • So anyway kind of this weird group kind of almost a Brownshirts kind of in feel
    • Paramilitary
    • And one of the guys was named Henry I believe--his name was David Henry
    • Did you get an ID?
    • There some kind of Grand Master whatever
    • But there is this kind of Navy Intel Freemasons weird paramilitary organization that Hillary has
    • There's these SES folks these senior executive service folks actually owned these things
    • They have names like first American security
    • And always American Eagle in the Sun security
    • And they're kind of like I would call them blue shirts
    • So it's almost like a TSA all the other shirts kind of look like the TSA
    • And it's it's a group of a family usually of about 50 to 60 people
    • And it's perfect for drug running
    • It's the perfect color-of-law--the Nazis are the same way when they got into South America
    • They needed to run and get something going in terms of money they started running drugs through Cuba, with a Helliwell plan
    • And it kind of reminds me of the same thing
    • It had that color-of-law feel that they didn't used to have, with MS-13 in LA area with the Crips and bloods...
    • So this it's almost like the Crips and bloods got older, and got better t-shirts or better security shirts
    • And now they are running the color-of-law operations in these major metropolitan cities especially ports
    • Now I'm also including Kansas City in that is a port
    • St. Louis as a port
    • The sky port in Phoenix...
    • But wherever there are those kind of Federal trade ports and Federal trade protection, it seems to be that's where the concentration of this Navy stuff is
    • And you have to go back to Carter Page
    • And again, no one in Washington seems to drill down
    • Carter Page being a member of the Hillary Clinton campaign team, transition team, Armed Services Committee team, and then he goes on to the Pentagon to work in nuclear non-proliferation
    • So I don't know what the hard part of this is
    • You just drill down to a couple Google searches, and find out he's been a part of the Clinton camp in terms of DoD in the Navy Intel for a long time
    • As long as Bannon as long as Bannon
    • So we'll we'll follow it along
    • We haven't got the memo yet from down at the White House
    • But we're waiting for that as well
    • So we'll see we'll we'll keep it and keep you posted as things as things occur
  • Day 112.6. Drilling Down On the Carter Page Narrative - YouTube
    • Day 112 here we are foot lights of Washington DC up there Barrick Gold and of course Fox News Fox News
    • Gonna be up there too probably tonight
    • It's gonna be beautiful
    • They're gonna cover this shutdown Schumer shutdown showdown Schumer shutdown showdown
    • So who knows it'll be exciting night
    • But I'm on a different story, which is really drilling down on this narrative
    • So many of the Washington narratives don't get drilled down on for instance where does Carter Page live in Washington DC 2111 2111 Wisconsin
    • Where is that close to?
    • Well you you probably remember DC classic motors classic motors DC was 4800 a little bit up the hill on Wisconsin Avenue
    • You remember all the embassies and all the stuff that was on Wisconsin Avenue
    • You probably remember American University
    • You probably remember Tenleytown
    • Friendship Heights
    • CA village up there
    • You probably remember eight Navy Intel and all that stuff and me all the other people that lived up there in our story
    • I think Charisse Pepingion lived up there right about 4800 5400 Wisconsin
    • So we know all that's up there we know about the Navy observatory we've gone there many times in this story
    • We know the Navy observatory is under the vice president
    • The vice president has the global view the eye of G.O.D. all over the world from the Navy observatory
    • Where does carter page live?
    • He lives on Navy observatory circle
    • 2111 I'm not joking here 2111 Navy observatory circle
    • I think he lives in apartment 224
    • Would love to talk to him
    • Who lives close to there who lives close to the British Embassy
    • Who trades thumb drives in the in the British Embassy parking lot?
    • Craig Murray!
    • Who else lives there? (hey scrunch)
    • Who else lives there? who else lives there? 3067 Whitehaven 3067 Whitehaven
    • You're never going to get away from 3067 whitehaven if you're Hillary Clinton, because that is how you get into the British Embassy at night--gotta have parties
    • 3067 Whitehaven about a five-minute walk from Carter Pages' place
    • Why is that important?
    • Well Carter Page is in the transition team of Hillary Clinton, in the campaign of Hillary Clinton, always seems to be hanging around the White House
    • Hanging around the down that way hanging around the West Wing always in talking about nuclear proliferation NNSA
    • Who knows? We got to ask these questions to Carter Page
    • But Carter Page goes to London
    • Does he meet Papadopoulos there?
    • He does three chances at his PhD
    • His prof. in London says he failed three times on his PhD--who knows? we got to find that out
    • He goes to Georgetown for his master's before that in political science
    • Let's ask him the question
    • What did you what what--what were you thinking national security
    • What was it what were you thinking?
    • So Carter Page is going to be the key to this whole narrative
    • Hey let's throw the president out
    • Let's impeach the president
    • Shouldn't we drill down on that story?
    • Shouldn't we drill down and find out who Carter Page is, before everybody gets thrown out of office?
    • Shouldn't we drill down on who George Papadopolis is
    • So that's what I'm gonna do
    • And Fox will be here tonight
    • They'll do their part we'll all get there
    • We're all going to get to the true narrative of what is really happening in Washington
    • Are these school plays or are we dealing with the truth?
  • Day 112.7. No Time For Mele Mouth Prattle - YouTube
    • Day 112 this is probably part six and
    • So this is going to be to the Fourth Estate right
    • And if you don't remember the Fourth Estate speech in British Parliament
    • It was Wilberforce, I believe, I believe
    • I could be wrong, but I believe it was Wilberforce
    • And he was the obviously the willing force against slavery, and the compelling force in the 1840s I think in Britain against slavery
    • And he is the one who gathered public opinion, even though the votes were against him
    • He was the one who gathered public opinion in Parliament, and said, "you gentlemen, you gentlemen, pointing to the gallery"
    • It very sexist then--no women reporters--the only man reporters of the post and the London Times
    • You gentlemen are the members that will ensure the right course of history
    • You gentlemen are the Fourth Estate
    • You gentlemen will guide the hand of history
    • You gentlemen are every bit as important as these three--the king, the Commons, and the Lords in our future
    • {{ 911: it's clergy, royals, people and press }}
    • And that was really the first time that ever in the parliamentary procedure that the press was recognized every bit as powerful as the Commons and the Lords and and the King
    • (Hey scrunch! Hey scruncherific! Scruncherif)
    • So I call on all journalists now to stop being a mealy-mouthed pablum repeating prattler
    • Stopping a mealy-mouthed pablum prattler
    • Dive down on these narratives
    • Dive down do the research
    • Do the tough digging that needs to be done to tell the truth
    • Carter Page being presented as a victim is ridiculous
    • George Papadopolis being presented as some kind of--oh just somebody who flew Deus Ex Machina into the Trump campaign is ridiculous
    • For whom does the Bell toll? For whom does the Bell toll it tolls for thee right--I can't remember that poem I can't remember that poem
    • Right now who wrote it anyway my point being that you need to dig this isn't the
    • The responsibility of the Fourth Estate isn't one of a mealy-mouthed prattler
    • A mealy-mouthed prattler is not good enough
    • OANN digs, other networks dig
    • It's time now to stop being a mealy-mouthed prattler and dig
  • Day 112.8. A Prayer For Our Country Tonight - YouTube
    • Day 112 part 8
    • And I just wanted to say it was John Donne do oh and he For Whom the Bell Tolls it tolls for thee
    • I hope the Senators Souls raise themselves to the
    • So the majesty of this Capitol tonight
    • And hopefully we we get a deal
    • We get beyond this--CR 2 CR 2 CR
    • And create some stability and
    • And we do a deal for the dreamers
    • We get--to 2 million whatever the number is
    • But with vetting
    • Michael McMahon with vetting
    • We need vetting
    • So that's my prayer for Washington tonight
    • And may all the Senators do the best they can for our country
  • Day 113.1 - Kamilla's Fake Navy Mason Cops With DEA Licenses - YouTube
    • Day one thirteen big day memo day
    • Just a quick review of yesterday it's in cars remember the Uranium is in cars that's going to be down at the Navy Yard real close to where that Democratic National Committee high-speed line is
    • I think the Dukes are going to be the key to this story, all the way through, these dukes of nuclear hazard
    • I'm talking about Anthony Weiner, and Cheryl Mills, and it's going to be the Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein bunch--all that bunch
    • The idea that mixed fuel Uranium and plutonium would come into the United States from Russia beginning in 1998, to a company called U.S. Enrichment, which the Dukes which the Dukes all put together with their hand-picked person that they put in there called the Kroupniks, and have Saipov truckers, truck it all around
    • The idea that none of that would be diverted, especially when you could create, and use a plant created in Canada called a CANDU reactor, to move and create and build these plants in China, over in Iran, as well as Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and you could divert that fuel there and make money rather than storing it and down blending it that's almost a waste product the fact that we did that and let that happen is a mockery on the taxpayers of the United States, as also we were gonna build a MOX plant down there, to burn this fuel
    • 30 billion dollars was spent
    • It's only 30 percent complete
    • Did that money go to these different power stations around the world?
    • I think it did
    • Uranium One is a big story it's gonna get bigger
    • So I'll talk about the Navy Yard here in a second
    • This weird police force--this story from a year ago, which is Kamala Harris's guiding keel is her assistant works with these 33 fake police forces in 33 different states
    • Are those of 33 Blackberries? We'll find out
    • We'll drill in a little bit more in the Naval Observatory
    • And then finally with Edmund Burke here saying the famous statement not Wilberforce
    • Wilberforce moved out slavery--he was a contemporary of Edmund Burke, but Edmund Burke gets credit for the Fourth Estate
    • So quickly moving to [Brandon Kiel][bk2]---this is this guy Henry, David Henry who died right before this 33 state investigation could really kick off
    • And Kiel here is Kamala Harris's kind of right-hand man literally right-hand man
    • So, again, this weird police force kind of weird it's like is this the perfect cover for color-of-law operations and drugs?
    • Absolutely I think it is of course we've got Campbell's Soup here
    • Now being offered up as a in testimony Uranium One we're still not getting to the key question of the day
    • And then I'll just go here to this weird Masonic Police Force
    • They even had their own badges
    • They even had their own weird badges
    • And of course all the heraldry and costuming that you would expect a Navy Masonic order to have
    • Quickly will move toward the Navy observatory here in little circle on the Navy observatory remember this is the eye of G.O.D.
    • You can see not only ship traffic all over the world all the different navies of the world, but also air traffic
    • You've got also foot traffic now, with some of these nano satellites
    • Here's your british embassy here's Craig Marie getting that hard drive for the DNC emails, right, and through the fence
    • And then of course you have Hillary's address here at 3067 White Haven
    • Very close
    • If you were working with somebody like, oh let's say a spy named Christopher Steelee, that would be convenient to be so close to the British Embassy
    • And then of course it's just a half mile walk over here to Wisconsin Avenue, where Carter Page lives
    • Now he lives suspiciously also close to the China China China Embassy, where you get the visas
    • He worked in San Diego
    • Is this the dragon distillery connection?
    • Is this the quad connection with Bannon?
    • Did he work with Bannon at the Pentagon?
    • None of this stuff is coming out yet, so it'd be interesting how this goes
    • Let's talked about another Navy location now down here at the Naval sea command system
    • This is the operational command
    • This is the Chief of Naval Operations and across the street of course we have the high speed line on fibre to the Democratic National Committee
    • Of course we've got the rail abbas cabs over here with--choose your cab, and a nice cover where we can meet somebody in a ball park with thousands and thousands of people
    • We ever get in trouble, we can go over the bridge here to Anacostia DHS--we're safe
    • We can take a helicopter over to Ocean City Maryland
    • And then fly down to Florida
    • And then get a jet anywhere where the FIVEEYES can take us
    • In New Zealand or Australia or else Canada or the UK, and we can still continue operations there
    • Do I think Imran worked here instead of downtown?
    • Yes I do, because the Rao Abbas cabs getting people started
    • Bringing them in in an infiltration program--or let's call it a paperclip operation--would be key to be near all this stuff
    • (sorry about that)
    • So anyway I'll just move on to the FISA, which is the last big story today
    • Over a year ago this is this is March 1st last year I talked about them getting a June warrant, because I saw--the the whole press leaks the press leaks
    • I didn't know that time about Papadopoulos, but the press leaks were happening in June
    • So I said if they are going to get have a color-of-law to cover this thing, you're gonna have to have a warrant in June
    • And I believed that there was a FISA court that met
    • But I saw their their time when they don't meet very often around July 12th
    • And I surmised that they tried to go to the FISA Court to overrule, maybe it would got rejected, and then they went to the FISA Court to get it approved
    • Or the other way around
    • Maybe it was rejected or maybe was approved and then it was overturned, later overturned
    • Probably was rejected first by Rudy, and then in June, and then they overturned that and approved it in July, since all three of these folks are Clinton appointees
    • But we'll see but
    • Here I was but so I still believe that signing July then goes to October, then goes to if it fits the timing better, and I still think that there was a FISA Court of review if Rudy Judge Rudy Contreras shot blocked the first FISA, which I think is the case
    • So that sets up today for the big memo the Schiff memo
    • We'll see what happens
    • And that is your morning report
  • Day 113.2 Navy Mason Fake Cops With DEA Licenses Got Their Blackberries at InterAmerican - YouTube
    • It's day 113 this is part 2
    • And sometimes all you have to do is put two stories together this story I did about 50 days ago in front of the Navy Lodge here in Washington DC
    • Remember enter America, Inter America is the company that Imran Awan worked for at this location
    • So is Imran Awan supplying 33 secure phones--33 secure phones--not a masonic number--but 33 secure phones for these Navy fake cops in these 33 states?
    • These Navy fake mason cops
    • I mean there they are there's the badge
    • I didn't make this up
    • So now I've seen my sister of color
    • I've seen my sister of color Maxine Waters associated with Mr. Henry Grand Wizard Henry here
    • I just want to say right now as a Cherokee, I totally want to defend my sister of color as being abused in this situation
    • She's obviously been tricked, hoodwinked, otherwise fooled by these grand Wizards of [whatever]
    • They they kind of I don't really think these are the same two people he does the beards not as big but maybe that is the same guy,
    • But anyway they died conveniently before these trials
    • Interestingly enough we were at the Capitol yesterday and Inter America was demonstrating all kinds of products--all kinds of food products inside, as well there's there being a lot of dreamers at inside the Rayburn office building yesterday
    • And I thought "wow what a great way to bring stuff into America"
    • Enter America through the food products, as I've said many many many times
    • So you can go back to me being in front of this Navy Lodge, I think all the way back a hundred and fifty days, probably further back
    • But this is where I think this is the Technology Center
    • This is where they're getting the people who are running the food products in and out
    • And I think it's gonna be a lot of different Inter-America products
    • But the people running them in and out of the United States are using Imran's Blackberries in these 33 states
    • We just find out what 33 states the Grand Wizard here is overseeing, I think you're going to find the answer
    • I think one of them is San Francisco, unfortunately
    • One of them is Nancy Pelosi's district
    • Even though this is the Los Angeles Times story and they were operating out of Chinatown Becerra's old place, I think they're also operating out of the Mission District in San Francisco and the the Navy Yard, down by the Embarcadero, where Kate Steinle was killed
    • I believe is one of the key entry points as well as across the bay in Oakland is another key entry point
    • And I believe we're gonna find the Masons are Masons there with Anthony Weiner's trusted staff's BlackBerry's there as well
  • Day 113.3 House of Russian Cards Collapsing - "Rich Kids" Scatter - YouTube
    • It's day 113 part 3 and the new face involved here is going to be this guy named Oleg Deripaska
    • Just think about a pasta like a seafood linguini Podesta pasta, daring you
    • Getting up and or maybe pointing a derringer at you the little pasta jumps up off the plate points a derringer at you
    • And then you'll never forget Oleg Deripaska
    • Why is he important? Because he's sort of a second generation from this Marc Rich generation
    • Marc Rich made a deal celled sold out Russia, basically
    • All the mineral wealth--he sold out Russia
    • And there was a episode I did a while back a long time ago 450 days ago--it was of a journalist sitting in the hotel I believe was the Moscow Hilton watching the White House in Moscow, being hit with shells, and them trying to do as many deals as they could with all the metals and mining in Russia
    • And I believe it was Boris Yeltsin's son-in-law
    • And I believe all like Deripaska knows that son-in-law pretty well
    • So Oleg got the aluminum company
    • But it was really all about a company called Glencore and I'll get there in a second
    • But now you've seen this come out or like Deripaska come out into this new controversy that we have with Mark Warner Senator Mark Warner
    • With Mark Warner trying to set up a meeting between Oleg Deripaska and also Mark Warner
    • So if you don't remember Oleg Deripaska he different Strzok for different folks
    • He's Andy McCabe's lifelong friend
    • Everywhere and he seemed to be here was Oleg Deripaska
    • This is a great article by by Thomas Paine last year, talking about how these Case Files wherever Oleg Deripaska was is where Andy McCabe was gonna find Andy McCabe has been involved Uranium One especially since 1998 every step along the way with Oleg Deripaska every step along the way
    • Read this article it's a great article
    • So if you haven't heard about the Mark Warner this is what Mark Warner looks like right there
    • He is trying to do a back-channel secret meeting with for Steele and an intermediary for this Russian oligarch
    • Now for some reason theHill does not name the Russian oligarch, which is Oleg Deripaska
    • And that is the the key thing here is "hey we got to get this story straight"
    • We got to somehow turn this around, get it back onto Trump, get it off of us
    • Somehow, some way, Mark Rubio thinks this back-channel type communication, in the midst of the embroiler that we're currently in, with trying to overthrow the president, is somehow a good idea--to defend this kind of ex-parte communication, which is highly suspect in the least
    • But as I said it all leads back to Glencore
    • Glencore buys Oleg Deripaska's company
    • Basically what they do is they shard it into many little companies
    • And then they bring them all back into Glencore
    • If you don't remember, Glencore was started by Marc Rich in 1990 or 1974
    • Long long history with the Clintons 44 years now
    • Again, as I said, this is all just oh yeah the Iran-Contra it's just now Awan-Contra they're the same to me now
    • So anyway metals and mining metals and mining metals and mining
    • That's what it is about
    • And all you have to do is go down to countries that we've learned about through Mark Lambert
    • Oh here's the Mopani mines that Glencore's in
    • I wonder if Mark Lambert's gonna be near the Malpani mine?
    • Oh Democratic Republic of Congo
    • I wonder if they're going to be near the Shinkolobwe mine?
    • Copper here--there's also going to be Uranium as Katanga down here in the Katanga province, right?
    • what they did is they took all these metal and mining information that the Russians had, and they just they just stole it!
    • I mean not stole it, but bought it for pennies on the dollar
    • I was actually in Czechoslovakia in 1989 while this is all going on
    • I witnessed it firsthand
    • A lot of it was being sold through Czechoslovakia at the time
    • Western Sahara, where have we heard that before? For the mining there, for the phosphate
    • And then of course these paradise papers came out
    • This isn't the Panama papers, but look at this guy named Dan Gertler, who was making all of these deals in Congo
    • And if you remember OFAC which is the overseas company overseas part of the Treasury Department, that seizes assets
    • Dan Gertler was one of the seven that was recently I think it was November December hit with sanctions
    • So this is all coming together
    • This is why the Rothschilds are selling too, because the Rothschilds are involved in this as well
    • And they don't want to lose their assets
    • They're gonna get it into Bitcoin as fast as possible
    • So this is really collapsing
    • I believe this guy Laufman who just left
    • And then I heard another aide outside of Reibeci just left of the FBI
    • This is collapsing so fast, it's hard to keep up with
    • It but we'll see where it goes Laufman would be great to get an interview
    • Somebody should enter on the internet should do a long-form interview with Laufman
    • Anybody who knows how to get a hold of Laufman, we'd love to interview them as well
    • You don't know where to start
    • Everything is collapsing so quickly, but we're gonna try
    • But it's all going to come back to Marc Rich
    • As we've said, Awan-Contra, Iran-Contra same thing
submitted by 911bodysnatchers322 to TruthLeaks [link] [comments]

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